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Rare Video: Walt Disney introduce The 3 Little pigs! (1933)


The soundtrack ” Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf” becomes the anthem against the Economical crisis started in 1929, with the Wolf as symbol of economical problems with whom poor people had to fight with in that age!

And now the Original Cartoon!


Disney-Salvator Dalì rare Art video collaboration

Here is a painting of Walt Disney made by the famous Surrealistic painter Salvator Dalì

And below the video born by the collaboration between Disney and Dalì, finished in 2000, it’s idealogically the continue of Fantasia!

Here is Disney-Dalì Art-video called “Destino”!

Walt Disney receives a Special Academy Award price from Shirley Temple for Snow White in ’39!

Here is the Video recorded in 1939, when Shirley Temple discover a special designed Academy Award, made by a bigger Oscar and other 7 little ones.

The Academy Award decided to give to walt a special Price for his contribution in new cartoons technologies with his Snow white.

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