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Britney Spars as Maid of Honor at her friend’s wedding!


Britney Spears niece sing her song on YouTube!

Maddie, 3 years old Britney Spears’ niece, sing on Youtube “UP&Down”, Britney’s song. Maddie’s mom is Jamie Lynn Spears, Zoey 101 actress, Jamie gave birth Maddie when she was only16! Watch even Britney Spears at 9 years old, as fist disney Audition!

Disney Mickey Mouse Club star Britney Spears official remix of I wanna Go!

Britney-Spears-new-video’s Director speaks about I wanna Go meanning!

“A lot of people think this was inspired by ‘Kill Bill,’ because I’m a huge Quentin Tarantino fan. I would totally own up to that if it was true,” he admitted. “But I actually intended for her to always having her performance with the microphone [throughout the video] for her performance setup, so I thought that was a good way to tie it all together and I didn’t want to give her a real weapon.”

I wanna Go Director Chris Marrs Piliero (who also directed Ke$ha’s “Blow”) explains Britney Video!


“Guillermo kills it in the scene with the milk, he’s hilarious,” Piliero enthused. “And I love Britney’s reaction there; both her reactions where she’s laughing are so good. A lot of people ask about the milk and what the deal with it is, a lot of people have theories too. I don’t need to say what the point is, because I love hearing what people say, so I’ll leave it at that. Same

Britney Spears in her "I Wanna Go" music video

goes with the seashells too.”


He looks back at the camera at the last moment and we see his eyes are robot red, an obvious nod to Michael Jackson’s zombie-green eyes in the last shot of “Thriller.”

” ‘Thriller’ is one of my favorite music videos ever,” Piliero said. “I remember watching it when I was 5, that was what inspired me to become a music video director so I wanted to pay homage to it.”

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Is Britney Spears’ new video, Michael Jackson’s Thriller Remake?

Britney Spears: I wanna go! The teaser!

Britney Spears live from Sacramento for Femme Fatal Tour

Britney Spears' Sexy Costumes

Tumb up or down for Britney?

Britney Spears with her man, in the backstage! report

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Britney Spears: Femme Fetale Tour Opening Night!

Britney Spears: Femme Fetale Tour Opening Night!

Britney Spears hugs it out backstage at the opening night of her tour, Femme Fetale, on Thursday (June 16) in Sacramento, Calif.


Brit’s music video for her song “I Wanna Go” will premiere on MTV on Wednesday (June 22) at 6am ET.


I have found some weird naked Britney pics on the web, click here and here to watch!



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