Why Disney

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I’ve decided to open this blog dedicated to Walt Disney because when I think of Disney I don’t think just of an animation company that estimate billions of dollars every year, but I think to the Man that teach me to dream.

His whole life has been like an inspiration for me. His poor origins, the move from the countryside to the city when his family lost everyting and his eary beginning, selling his drowings to the neighbourhood for few cents to the worldwile success is a total inspiration that make me say I can do it!

Even if you are not a Paris Hilton, even if you are not rich, even if your parents are not famous actors or Managers but just  countrymen you can do it!

Walt’s real fairy tale is his own life.

His movies are a transposition of his belief in dreams.

It’s this the difference between his cartoons and other animation company. Walt really belived in dreams that fairy exist if you belive in it.

His emotions, his entusiasm for living arrive to the pubblic, generations after generations, the fellings and the emotions of when you see a Disney cartoons never changes neither decade after it creation.

His movies from Peter Pan to Mary Poppins are full of that magic taste able to make you smile and jump from the chair of the Theater where you are, able to make you forget that fairy doesn’t exist, they have make me desire to be part of that world. To work in the cinema, the only world where the only thing that doesn’t exist is the word “impossible”.

I love to watch The making of Disney, where Walt in person describe how he created his cartoons, when with his whorm voice speaks to the kids over the screen while a Tinker Bell fly around his office.

There are a lot of books against Disney trying to discredit a person that without doubt  has influenced our society positively.

When one of my friends tell me that I should read one of those books I say always, I don’t care, because they could have wrote everyting but what world and childhood would you have if Disney didn’t existed?

Is cartoons are far away from real world.

Are you sure?

If you look closer to Disney cartoons you will notice tha Dumbo speak about

bulling. The little elephant is discriminate by the adoult elephant for his big ears.

Doesn’t bulling work in this way? Aren’t we made fool when we don’t dress fashion way, or we are not good looking? Well, I don’t know in your highschool but in mine it was so!

And what about when Dumbo start to see a visionare elephants that dance in the sky? And he looks like drunk.

After that the circus cheef discoverthat Dumbo can fly, he organize a show where the little elephant fly for the paying pubblic. Isn’t ike a criticism against the use of an underage in showbusiness? i think so.

And Mary Poppins? Most all just stop in front of the magic side, but let’s analyze the family where she arrives.

The two kids try to speak to their Father, that work in a Bank, about their

dreamming nanny, but the father just take the letter and throw it in the cimney, when Mary Poppins arrives she say to the man that she is exactley as the nany he is looking for, and read to the man the kids letter. She is a kids fantasy, she is the dreamming nanny, but expecially


medium that will let the kids have a dialogue with their father. She teaches to the father to interacts with his kids. Actually she left the house when the Father has learn to comunicate with his kids and run outside to play with the kite with his kids. While few days before when the kids

run in his office singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ” he will yell the them because he has to work.

It is a movie that show a different model of Fatherhood, historically has always been considerated the woman the one that have to care for the kids, historically the father is that one that goes to work and bring the money at home.

Per century after the divorce if a child is under the 10 years old goes directley to the mother, in 1964, Walt has revolutionary say that the Father is important as the mother in the growing up of the kids rejecti

ng the model of the rigid role that usually in the past fathers used to have. “A Father must be fear by his kids” is a phrase was used in the past but Walt destroy this idea showing a revolutionary new role for Dad that is the modern dad.

For this and much more I say there is nothing so negitave on Walt that can darken Walt Disney job and geniality!


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