Here is Selena Gomez new Music video “Love you like a love song”. But wait a minute, Where is the Pink Horse????

The full video: Love you like a Love song!


Do you remember the pink horse story?

PINK IS NOT A FAN OF SELENA GOMEZ'S PINK HORSES!!Pink got angry against Selena to have painted a Horse for her music video. Pink wrote on her twitter account “Artist should be more  responsible with animals!” (read more)

It seems that Selena production team has decised to delete the scene with  the animal to avoid any polemic.

Here is Selena new video and her backstage, where no horse is seen, but you can check the pink horse in the photos taken on the beach by fan!

What Do you think on Selena new video?

The beyond the scene


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  1. Love her. She is very stunning in this video. Justin is a very Lucky guy!

  2. She is very very beautiful. and anyway about the Pink Horse she has explained that it was painted with organic stuff. so people should stop to attack her for that! And anyway what about Britney Spears “Slave4U” performance? Where she used a snake as accessorize? Why anybody said anythink about that?

    People are such ipocrit!

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