Is Leonardo Di Caprio hypocrite when he speaks in defense of Global Warming? Ecologists think so!

Leonardo Di Caprio is famous for his standing in defense of Enviromental.

Leonardo DiCaprio preaches his love for the environment by buying eco-friendly condo

He has poses on the cover of Vogue titled “Green Issue” where Leo stand on the ice with a white bear to remember  people of Global Warming.

On this other magazine Leonardo DiCaprio is called “Enviromental Champion” . On an other magazine “Enviroment Warrior“. On “Think Smart” Leo explain 37 easy way to help the Earth! He has produced a movie on the Global Warming called 11 hours and he is the first on the Gest-list for US Global Green! But How much green is Leonardo Di Caprio in his private life?

Here is what Fox News thinks on Leonardo di Caprio Attitude, an extract from Fox news interview:


The Host Hannity say to  Nadia and Leila Conners(Leonardo DiCaprio’s new eco-scare movie “11th Hour “co-producer), “I want to talk about hypocrisy.

Leonardo, the Lear jet limousine liberal produces this film telling us we have to Walk to work. Why won’t he take a pledge and promise to

never get in a private jet again?”

The answear of his co-producers team:

“Leonardo flew ‘commercial ‘ to the Cannes Film Festival and they lost his luggage,” said Leila. “He knows he shouldn’t probably fly private anymore.”

(the only thing you can say is Leo lost his luggage?)” As good ecologist/filmmaker/activists you know the solution to the planetary ecological crisis is millions and millions of people changing their lifestyle to be more eco-friendly.”

But Hannity attack again:

You are lecturing Americans about a planetary emergency, a crisis of global proportions. You are giving dire warnings to people and yet your co-producer is putting a bigger carbon footprint in one hour in his private jet than an average American will put driving an SUV for a year. I am sure there are people at home who are saying, ‘when you change your lifestyle, I will consider changing mine. “

But it doesn’t finish here, there are other episodes that make enviromentalist get angry with Di Caprio.

There is an episode connected to the World Cup 2010.

The titled

DiCaprio’s Private Jet Causes Mass World Cup Delays

“Leonardo DiCaprio has been hinting at how environmentally friendly he is because he owns a hybrid car  which everyone knows doesn’t actually benefit anything if you drive it to the airport to take a private jet to the World Cup.”

It is referred to The World Cup in July 2010 When to go to Africa for leasure the “ecologist” Leonardo Di Caprio used a private Jet causing delay of commercial flights.

“Hundreds of fans bound for Durban for the Germany-Spain World Cup semi final missed the game because their flights were unable to land, after air traffic authorities closed the city’s airport because of congestion on the runway caused by private aircraft.
The situation was described as “absolute chaos” by the pilot of one British Airways flight which took off from Cape Town in mid-afternoon but was diverted to Johannesburg.”

Leonardo previously made the following heart-warming statement:

“Global warming is not only the number one environmental challenge we face today, but one of the most important issues facing all of humanity. We all have to do our part to raise awareness about global warming and the problems we as a people face in promoting a sustainable environmental future for our planet.”

even report two interesting articles on it.

“The 35-year-old actor was also seen traveling through Johannesburg with socialite Paris Hilton. The twosome were flown from London by private jet to Johannesburg by a mysterious Malaysian millionaire so they could watch the World Cup.”

And it doesn’t finish neather here, because there is even other two episodes on Leonardo Di Caprio and his Private Jet. report even

Leonardo DiCaprio gets out of his car and boards a private jet with his palBradley Cooper on Thursday (April 21) in Los Angeles.

The actor pals are headed to Cabo San Lucas to throw a bachelor party for m

ovie producer Ryan Kavanaugh, who is also the CEO of Relativity Media.

US Weekly reporting the exclusive pictures of Leonardo Di Caprio holding Blake Lively hands, it writes:

“How Leo won Blake’s heart Candelit dinners, helikoper rides, a private yacht…”

Leonardo Di Caprio is an Abituè of pullutant private jet and yacht!

As ecologist is sound a little bit weird but theese pictures prove that unfortunally it really so.

Leonardo Di Caprio is even an Abituè of  Luxury Pullant Yacht that discharge in the sea petrol that an ecofriendly Sailboat doen’t.

Leonardo di Caprio and Naomi Campbell in Capri, Italy

Leo has been photographed with Bar Rafaeli several times on Yacht.  And pics like this make titled like “Leo the Enviromental here” sound just ridicolous!

We can add that even the first Leo-Blake pic was taken while the new coulple was on a Yacht. So there is no Sail-ecofriendly-boat in Di Caprio’s Heart.

Leo and Bar on the Yacht

Leo with Blake Lively on the Yacht in Cannes, France

And it’s very sed considering all his speaking on urgency on changing our lives in favour of an ecofriendly life to save our Planet.


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  1. WAWOO. I didn’t expect it from Leo!

  2. i think He just does what every rich man would do

  3. We blame him just because we don’t have his money and we can’t live his life period

  4. No darlIing, it’s because you cannot speak, blaming people on their lives style that cause the global warming and later take private jet!!!!
    Just be more honest and shut up Leo!

  5. America likes to destroy the image of some celebrities at all costs…good job,why dont you try to do what you did to Michael Jackson?Hypocrites!

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