George Clooney’s girlfriend dreams a Fairy tale wedding and say “so George does”!

Interviewed by the Italian magazine Chi; Elisabetta Cnalis, George Clooney’s Girlfriend, speaks about wedding and her relationship with George denying the gossip that George wants to break up with her, as magazines said  during Cannes Film Festival. Here is what she shared with the italian magazine.

“We are a couple that never get boring! Sometimes I feel like in a Fairy tale. When I see my picture on a magazine, I know what they have wrote: That I spend my time organizing parties and that my boyfriend everytime has a microphone say that he doesn’t want to merry me and doesn’t want have a baby with me.

But the true is that my boyfriend doesn’t leave interview on his private ife since ’99, everithing you read are old interview. I could never be wth someone so classless that everytime that open his mouth say that he doesn’t want to merry me and doesn’t want to have a baby with me.

I don’t built limit to my faith. I’m very religious, and I belive in marriage, and for my future I’ll be married but for the moment I’m happy in this way, and I don’t need any other confirmation of his love”

But Elisabetta has forgot George Clooney interview at Piers Morgan Tonight in Jenuary 2011 where  he candidly say He has not intention to marry anybody!

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  1. according clooney you could say whether married or not and even a nosy reporter on live tv?? Ask yourself this simple question and give yourself an intelligent answer if you can.

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